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1. Play MKV on Device+
  1. 1.1 Top MKV Player
  2. 1.2 Play MKV on Mac
  3. 1.3 Play MKV on Apple TV
  4. 1.4 Play MKV on Samsung TV
  5. 1.5 Play MKV on Sony TV
  6. 1.6 Play MKV on LG TV
  7. 1.7 Play MKV on PS3
  8. 1.8 Play MKV on Xbox One
  9. 1.9 Play MKV on Xbox360
  10. 1.10 Play MKV to iPhone
  11. 1.11 Play MKV to iPad
  12. 1.12 Play MKV on iPod
  13. 1.13 Play MKV on Android Phone
  14. 1.14 Play MKV in VLC
  15. 1.15 Play MKV in Windows Media Player
  16. 1.16 MKV Playback Issues in VLC
2. Convert MKV to Other Format+
  1. 2.1 Convert MKV to MP4
  2. 2.2 Convert MKV to MP4 on Mac
  3. 2.3 Convert MKV to MP4 Online
  4. 2.4 Convert MKV to MP3
  5. 2.5 Convert MKV to Audio
  6. 2.6 Convert MKV to WMV
  7. 2.7 Convert MKV to M4V
  8. 2.8 Convert MKV to AVI
  9. 2.9 Convert MKV to AVI Online
  10. 2.10 Convert MKV to FLV
  11. 2.11 Convert MKV to DVD
  12. 2.12 Convert MKV to MOV
  13. 2.13 Convert MKV to iTunes
  14. 2.14 MKV to MOV Converter Online
  15. 2.15 Convert MKV to VOB
  16. 2.16 Convert MKV to DivX
  17. 2.17 Convert MKV to MPEG
  18. 2.18 Convert MKV to MPEG2
  19. 2.19 Convert MKV to MPEG4
  20. 2.20 Convert MKV to XviD
  21. 2.21 Convert MKV to 3GP
  22. 2.22 Convert MKV to M2TS
  23. 2.24 Convert MKV to TS
  24. 2.25 Convert MKV to VCD
  25. 2.26 Convert MKV to AC3
  26. 2.27 Burn MKV to DVD
  27. 2.28 Burn MKV to Blu-ray
  28. 2.29 Convert MKV to SWF
  29. 2.30 Convert MKV to MP4 with Subtitle
  30. 2.31 Convert MKV to WAV
  31. 2.32 Convert MKV to MPG
  32. 2.33 Convert MKV to ISO
  33. 2.33 Convert MKV to WebM
3. Convert Other Format to MKV+
  1. 3.1 Convert MP4 to MKV
  2. 3.2 Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac
  3. 3.3 Convert MP4 to MKV Online
  4. 3.4 Convert M4V to MKV
  5. 3.5 Convert WMV to MKV
  6. 3.6 Convert MOV to MKV
  7. 3.7 Convert DVD to MKV
  8. 3.8 Convert M2TS to MKV
  9. 3.9 Convert AVI to MKV
  10. 3.10 Convert FLV to MKV
  11. 3.11 Convert AVCHD to MKV
  12. 3.12 Convert OGM to MKV
  13. 3.13 Convert MTS to MKV
  14. 3.14 Convert WTV to MKV
  15. 3.15 Convert VOB to MKV
  16. 3.16 Convert RMVB to MKV
  17. 3.18 Convert WebM to MKV
4. Edit MKV & Other Tips+
  1. 4.1 Extract Subtitles from MKV
  2. 4.2 Add Substitles to MKV
  3. 4.3 Add SRT to MKV
  4. 4.4 Compress MKV Video
  5. 4.5 Reduce MKV File Size
  6. 4.6 Cut MKV Files
  7. 4.7 Edit MKV Metadata
  8. 4.8 MKV No Sound
  9. 4.9 MKV Video Player for Android
  10. 4.10 MKV Converter for Mac
  11. 4.11 Free MKV Converter
  12. 4.12 MKV Player Mac
  13. 4.13 2D to 3D MKV Converter
  14. 4.14 Remux MKV
  15. 4.15 MKV Encoder
  16. 4.16 Convert MKV to FCP Mac
  17. 4.17 Stream MKV to TV with Chromecast
  18. 4.18 Import MKV to iMovie
  19. 4.19 Windows DVD Maker MKV
  20. 4.20 Convert MKV to MP4 with HandBrake Alternative
  21. 4.21 What is an MKV File

How to Freely Convert MKV to FLV for Sharing Online

by Kayla Morrison • 2024-01-11 10:28:39 • Proven solutions

We live in an ever-changing world where technology finds a way to creep into everything do. One of the best examples is social media or video sharing sites. It takes us not more than a few seconds to record something and share that on a platform for the world to see. If you have an idea about this, you would be aware of the fact that FLV or flash format is the best possible format for videos to share on video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. FLV videos are small, compatible, and the best supported on any platform and can also be interactive. So, it is always best and easier to convert MKV to FLV format before you share that online.

Part 1. Free MKV to FLV Converter

Are you looking for the best MKV to FLV converter free online? Calm your nerves down because this article shall give you a thorough guide on plausible MKV to FLV converters.

How to convert MKV to FLV by Free Video Converter

Step 1: Hit the Convert tab followed by Add Files drop-down arrow.

Step 2: Click the drop-down button on the right of the Convert all files to instruction. Choose the Video category and select FLV.

Step 3: Click the Convert All button to trigger MKV to FLV conversion.

convert all MKV to FLV by Wondershare Free Video Converter

Free Download Free Download

Part 2. Top 3 Online MKV to FLV Converter

Working with desktop MKV to FLV converters is often reliable because you don’t require an internet connection to get things started. However, if you have access to the Internet, then why not try online converters. These online MKV to FLV converters are useful as they can handle the basic as well as some advanced conversions. We have prepared the top 7 online MKV to FLV converters that can help sort you out, as illustrated below.

1. Zamzar

Zamzar would obviously appear among the best online free MKV to FLV converters. The program is straightforward and reliably fast. Besides, it supports several other file formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, and MPEG among others.


  • Supports many different file formats.
  • User-friendly and elaborate interface.


  • No batch conversion.
  • Low file size limit of 100 MB.

convert MKV to FLV online by Zamzar

2. Convert MKV to FLV Tool

Convert.Files is another wonderful online MKV to FLV converter. It is safely and conveniently converting your files with simple clicks. You only need to upload, choose FLV as output, and hit the convert tab.


  • Supports the conversion of the file through the link.
  • The converted file can be sent to an email for backup or downloaded directly to the device.


  • Has a file size limit of 250 MB.
  • Requires a stable Internet connection.

convert MKV to FLV online by Convert.Files

3. Online MKV to FLV Converter

Online MKV to FLV Converter is a reliably good online MKV to FLV video converter. It features some simple conversion steps, and no expertise is required. Upload your file from the device or via URL and hit the convert button.


  • Easy to use.
  • Support a good number of different media file formats.


  • Does not support the conversion of encrypted files.
  • Slow and take the time to upload.

convert MKV to FLV online by Online MKV to FLV Converter

Part 3. How to Choose Your Best MKV to FLV Video Converter

Contrary to Online Video Converter, Wondershare UniConverter works offline through a software application that can be installed and run on both Mac OS and Windows. So, import the MKV video to the software application and start converting to FLV. This supports multiple formats and even has an inbuilt player that plays videos.

Wondershare UniConverter - All-in-One Video Converter

Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.
  • Convert MKV to FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4, and other 1000+ formats on Windows/Mac.
  • Convert MKV files to optimized preset for almost all devices.
  • Burn MKV and other videos to DVD with free menu templates and play on any devices.
  • Toolbox with additional functions like Screen Recorder, VR Converter, GIF Maker, Fixing Media Metadata, and more.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.

Steps on How to Convert MKV to FLV with Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1 Import Desired MKV Video File.

After installing the application, it is time now to import the MKV video files to be converted to FLV. You can either drag the desired file and drop that into the interface or use the +Add Files icon.

add MKV files to the MKV to FLV converter

Step 2 Choose Output Format and Specify it to FLV.

On the right side pane under the Setting icon, click on the drop-down button as highlighted in the picture below and select Video. Now click on FLV as the output format.

choose FLV format for MKV to FLV conversion

Step 3 Start MKV to FLV Conversion.

This is the final step of the process where you give the command to start the conversion process. To start, click on the Convert button. The process will take some time to finish based on the size of the video file under conversion.

convert all MKV to FLV by Uniconverter

Free Download Free Download

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