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MOV to DivX: How to Convert MOV to DivX Easily

by Christine Smith • 2024-01-11 10:27:47 • Proven solutions

“How to convert MOV to DivX? I wish to play my video in the DivX format as it is better than MOV and supports videos with lower filesize. Is it possible to change the format of a MOV video to DivX? What is the best method available that can do the job easily and quickly? ”

Video files are volatile, especially when you try to alter their default settings. Changing its file format is no small mountain to climb either. It can compromise several things, such as picture and sound quality. Moreover, some media players or devices would refuse to acknowledge the file. The key thing is to find reliable solutions online and offline, guaranteeing a stable file conversion process. In this article, we will look into it by discussing the top methods to convert MOV to DivX.

Part 1. What are .mov and .divx Files

Before discussing the process of converting MOV to DivX, it is better to know the necessary information related to both file types. Here, we will share some details on the popular file formats.

  • MOV

MOV file extension comes from the Apple Quicktime player. Previously it used to work on the said platform, but now it is one of the most popular file formats for videos. A typical MOV video includes audio/video codec, texts/subtitles, and images.

As for the compatibility, the file type is playable on macOS and Windows. Moreover, you can play the .mov file on any DVD player. Furthermore, MOV is one of those formats that can support 4K UHD.

  • DivX

If you want to watch high-quality videos in compressed file size on your computer, smartphone, or TV, use the DivX format. The format is related to MPEG-4 and supports high resolution such as 1080p. It comes in handy when you aim to distribute your video on the internet across multiple platforms such as P2P file-sharing networks. The format works on the popular versions of macOS and Windows.

Part 2. How to Convert MOV to DivX on Windows/Mac

If you think that the MOV file format isn’t compatible with your device or the video’s quality is compromised. In that case, it is wise to change the MOV video format to a one that is more familiar with your device, such as DivX. For that, you would require the help of a file conversion tool, and there is none better than Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). The high-quality tool not only reads MOV and DivX, but it supports more than 1000 file types for video and audio. Other than that, the program is a reliable media player and a video editor. The multi-purpose tool is light and intuitive. Moreover, you can install it on any active version of macOS X and Windows.

Some notable features of the UniConverter are as follows:

best video converter icon Wondershare UniConverter - Best Video Converter Windows/Mac (Catalina Included)

program convert video
  • Convert the audio/video files 90x faster than any other software available.
  • The Screen Recorder can be a useful tool for professional gamers and Youtubers.
  • The Video Editor can enhance the quality of the video after the conversion process.
  • It allows Extracting Audio from a video file for different purposes.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.
safe mov video converter free download Security Verified. 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

The program can convert your MOV file to DivX video 30 times faster than an average tool. Download it now and follow the steps listed below to learn how to convert MOV to DivX quickly:

Step 1 Add the MOV File.

Launch the application on your device and import the MOV file by clicking on the + icon.

Add MOV files to UniConverter

Step 2 Customize Settings.

After uploading the MOV file, click on the Settings button and select DivX as the video’s output format. Adjust the bitrate and quality before hitting Create. Moreover, you can set a new file location for the converted file.

Choose DivX as the output format

Step 3 Convert the MOV File to DivX.

Once you have adjusted the settings for the DivX video. Click on the Convert tab, which will allow the program to start the process. The software will notify you with a sound clip. You can play the video on any platform you like, including the UniConverter.

Convert MOV to DivX

Part 3. 3 Online Ways to Convert MOV to DivX Free

Online platforms are available that offer to convert your video to the format of your choice. These tools are free and save the hassle of installing the software on the computer. However, these platforms could impact the video’s original quality, which is not the case when you use offline programs such as the UniConverter.

This section will look into the top 3 online wats to convert MOV to DivX for free.

1. Onlineconvertfree

The intuitive onlineconvertfree can change your MOV file into DivX quickly. There is no need to install any software on the computer as the platform takes the cloud service’s assistance. You can either upload the MOV file from your computer or import it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. The online tool is compatible with every web-browser, including Chrome and Safari.

Convert MOV to DivX online with Onlineconvertfree


  • It offers an advanced level of SSL encryption.
  • The tool supports 250 different file formats.


  • It doesn’t allow file conversion past a specific file size limit.

2. FreeConvert

The Freeconvert platform is brilliant in converting your MOV file to DivX quickly. You can customize your settings or trust the software to churn out a quality DivX file. The free tool is accessible on every known web browser. Moreover, you can access the service’s different features, such as the video trimmer, file compressor, and audio/image converter.

Convert MOV to DivX online with FreeConvert


  • You can convert 1GB worth of file at a time with Freeconvert.
  • It protects the user’s file with 256-bit SSL encryption.


  • The pro version does not allow uploading a file past a specific storage size.

3. Convertio

One of the most renowned tools available on the internet is Convertio, which is proficient in converting MOV to DivX without compromising the picture quality. The user-friendly platform is secure as it automatically deletes the converted file from its server after 24 hours. However, you can manually remove the file from the platform whenever you like. Additionally, the service offers TLS encryption to protect data.

Convert MOV to DivX online with Convertio


  • You can convert the file using the Chrome extension of the online tool.
  • You can resize the video before converting it with Convetio.


  • There is a file size limit of 100MB at a time.


Suppose the video is not working properly or tainted even the slightest bit. In that case, it could disrupt the entire watching experience. For that reason, you have to make sure that your device or media player is completely compatible with the video’s file format. In some cases, the MOV file would not work correctly on your device, and it is better to change it to the DivX format.

Now you know how to convert the MOV file to DivX using reliable platforms like the UniConverter. You can spread the article amongst your social circle if they face an issue playing video files in a suitable format.

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Christine Smith

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