Top 5 Free AVCHD Player

1. Free avchd player for Windows: SMPlayer

The SM Player is a free avchd player that allows users to easily view all of their video files. Its built in codecs allow it to play just about any video file a user might have in their collection. It can even support playing YouTube videos. There are many advanced features available with the SM Player, such as filters for audio and video as well as the ability to change the playback speed of any video. It also has a video equalizer and gives users the ability to change their audio levels and set subtitles for their videos.SM Player runs on both Linux and Windows machines.

avchd player free

2. Free avchd player for Mac: VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is a free, easy to use video player. Its framework supports most file types, including multimedia files. Unlike other types of free video players, this one can play streaming videos as well as DVDs and audio CDs. It is possible to use a webcam to stream live video using the VLC Media Player. It does not need codecs in order to play videos, which is a benefit many other free media players do not offer. It is also possible to convert media files from one type to another using VLC.

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Each of these three choices in free video players is very popular among users all over the world. All of them are safe to download to a computer and provide an easy way to watch videos. These video players save people from having to spend money on costly players.

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