H.264 Video Compression: How to Compress H264 File Easily

H.264 files are video codec standard files that are largely known for their superiority in terms of compression efficiency. Many such videos are created using camcorders and aired on HDTV channel or contained in Blu-ray discs that support the advanced format while guaranteeing high quality as compared to extremely lower bitrates. Sadly, there are times when we need to upload video files to the web or store them but there are too big.

How one compresses a video file or the form it takes after compression makes a great difference both in terms of end quality and the duration to takes to complete compression. There are many video compression tools that can be used to compress H.264 files. One such tool is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows you to not only convert videos but also copy DVDs, undertake simple editing, create videos and share them online. Additionally, the H.264 video compression tool allows you to create compressed videos into formats that are compatible with multiple devices. It is an easy to use tool with a friendly user interface.

Typically, when the software is started, it searches for updates before finally loading the dashboard. The dashboard, as shown in screenshot above reveals multiple features that the tool can accomplish. At the topmost bar, there are options to convert, burn and download videos. In the bar below are options to add files, load DVD and output format. These are functionality keys that are important in accomplishing the conversion process. The important steps to follow in compression of H264 files using Wondershare Video Converter ultimate are as below.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

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Detaild Tutorial on How to Compress H264 Files:

Step 1 Adding files to the H.264 video compression tool.

Assuming the software is already open and the default interface shown in the screenshot above is open, the first step is to add the H.264 files to be compressed. There are two ways through which the files can be added.

In the first option, you can click the software’s Add Files button. This will open a dialogue box that will then be used to locate the H.264 source videos as shown below.

Adding files to the H.264 video compression tool

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop their H.264 files directly to the application’s primary window. By simply dragging and dropping the files, you can import various files by simply selecting the files, holding down the control key and dragging them to the application’s user interface. After the file(s) have been displayed as a thumbnail(s) in item tray, user can arrange them as desired. It should be noted that the application allow for conversion of video files into multiple formats and in the process compressing them.

Step 2 Choose the desired output format and device.

The output format determines the new size of the file. There are multiple formats from which you can select as shown below. Generally speaking, FLV, WMV, MP4 will be smaller than other formats like MKV, AVI etc. Click the inverted triangle beside Convert all files to: and select the Video tab, choose the target format as you wish, and then the resolution.

Choose the desired output format

Other than the format, users can also select the device for which the compressed files are intended. The devices supported are listed with all leading brands taken into consideration. Gaming devices are also included and depending on the device you choose, the software will corresponding recommend an appropriate format for conversion and compression to match the device parameters and compatibility.

Step 3 Edit the video settings.

Once the format or target device has been set, you can edit the appropriate setting for the h.264 video compression. Settings directly impact on the end product after compression. Click the Edit icon or Create Custom to enter the Settings window. Then you can manually personalize various parameters including bit rate, frame rate, or resolution etc. or choose Small Size to shrink videos intelligently. You should bear in mind that extremely low parameters, potentially lead to smaller file sizes and low video quality.

Edit the video settings

Step 4 Choose out file location and start H.264 compression.

By now you are probably ready to start the h.264 compression. Nonetheless, take a moment and think, where would you want the output file to be located. You can easily select the desired output folder from the bottom bar.

Once you are accomplished all the previous steps, then you are ready to go. You can now click the Convert All button and patiently wait as your movie is converted and in the process, compressed to a smaller size. It should be noted that the software is very efficient in compression of videos and one can easily monitor the remaining duration during the process. To view the compressed file, one can easily click on the Output option and select the converted file.

Choose out file location and start H.264 compression

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